The Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses Accepts $4000 Donation at Warwick Shoprite Re-opening

Co-Founders of the Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses, a Warwick-based 501C3 not-for- profit serving veterans and others who have experienced the debilitating effects of trauma, were overwhelmed when they received a $4000 donation to their cause from Shoprite at the Warwick Shoprite’s Grand Re-Opening on Saturday, October 7th.

“We were grateful to be invited to talk about equine-therapy and show off two of our therapy horses at the event... but we never expected such a sizable contribution from Shoprite to accompany the outreach opportunity,” remarked Corey DeMala-Moran, a licensed mental health and equine therapist who founded the organization with Equine Specialist Christine Dykshoorn in 2015. “We know of so many veteran organizations in the region that Shoprite supports,” Ms. Dykshoorn continued. “It means a lot to be included in Shoprite’s on-going efforts to keep veteran issues front and center.”

The Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses employs the therapeutic power of horses to help humans recover from emotional trauma. Ms. DeMala-Moran explains: “Horses possess many of the same needs and encounter many of the same psychological challenges as a veteran returning from war-- group hierarchy, routine, safety, and comfort. These shared needs help to facilitate a trusting bond between the horse and human”. The Foundation offers an effective alternative or enhancement to traditional therapies and relies on donations to offer services at no cost to those suffering from PTSD and other severe traumas.