Free demonstration and open house at the Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses

Saturday, October 17th
11 AM to 3 PM

Demonstrations, Discussion Silent Auction, Barn Tours, Labyrinth

The Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses, a newly organized 501C3 specializing in harnessing the healing power of horses to help people address the psychological and emotional effects of trauma, will open its facility to the public on Saturday, October 17th to demonstrate and discuss how the non-judgmental, intuitive power of horses can help people uncover and recover from traumatic events in their lives a safe environment where they can begin to heal.

Founded by Corey Demala and Christine Swansen Dykshorn, equine-assisted psychotherapy is unlike therapeutic riding or hippotherapy in that it does not necessarily involve riding the horses. Often the horses are observed in a herd or worked with on the ground.

“Horses are prey animals. They are also herd animals. Their very survival depends on their ability to quickly assess other animals and relate to others in the herd. Their remarkable sensitivity makes them uniquely qualified to help humans uncover emotional and or relationship challenges and work them through,” says Corey, a licensed Mental Health Counselor who is also a certified by the Equine-Assited Growth and Learning Association.(EGALA) “Horses don’t judge others. They trust others when they feel trust in return. The generally silent sessions with horses can speak volumes to people who have carried the effects of trauma with them for days, years and often for a lifetime,” she adds.

The Foundation is funded in part by the estate of Shelly Schacter, a woman who benefited from the practice and sought to make it available to others who would benefit it regardless of their ability to pay. Accordingly, the therapy sessions are offered on a sliding scale. Sometimes there is a fee; other times there is no charge. To assure the continuance of this sliding payment scale the Foundation raises money that is allocated either to a general fund or to two separate funds--One fund is dedicated to helping veterans and their families; another is assigned to assisting first

No reservations are required. For more information contact The Amity Foundation for Healing with Horses is a 501c3 non-profit corporation that specializes in using the healing and therapeutic power of horses to help those who suffer from the psychological, emotional and relational effects of trauma in their lives and relationships. This foundation was founded and will operate as a tribute of our incredible friend and horsewoman, Shelley Schachter.