The Amity Foundation offers equine therapy in the only way it believes that this can be truly effective: a balanced treatment team that combines a mental health provider with equine-therapy training and an equine specialist.



Corey is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified EMDR therapist (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), and has trained extensively in IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy, as well as several equine-assisted modalities, including EAGALA, Equilateral (equine- assisted EMDR), Natural Lifemanship and a one year mentorship with Kathleen Barry Ingram.

Corey has worked with survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, veterans, first responders, at-risk children and adolescents in conjunction with the Foundation and privately as well. She also operates Amity Counseling Center, which is her private psychotherapy practice, located at the barn where The Amity Foundation has its headquarters.

Her list of professional qualifications include: New York State Licensed Mental Health Counselor; MA in Pastoral Counseling and Spiritual Care from Fordham University; EAGALA dual Certified –Mental Health and Equine Specialist; Certified EMDR therapist; “Equilateral” Program in Equine Assisted EMDR with Sarah Jenkins; Trauma Focused EAP program with Tim Jobe and “Natural Lifemanship”; USDF Bronze medalist. Corey is also a life-long horsewoman who has been riding for 30 years, and has been training and teaching for 20 years.

Christine Swanson Dykshorn, CO-DIRECTOR AND CO-FOUNDER

Christine is an Equine Specialist with a bachelor of science degree in equine husbandry. She has over 15 years of hands-on training experience at several respected racing and breeding centers. In addition to being an expert trainer and horsewoman, she has extensive experience in facilities management.

Board of Directors  

Gloria Smith, president

Gloria is a public relations, advertising and promotions professional. A former Madison Avenue advertising copywriter, she is also a freelance writer, Ms. Smith contributes articles frequently on a wide range of subjects from health and history to aviation. She is the author of children’s books and is a columnist for an aviation trade magazine.


Vaughan specializes in business development, with a focus on new technologies, most notably hand-powered and solar radios developed to meet the needs of communities in developing nations without electricity. He is now a member of Infora, which invented the Bison Airlighter, a patented fire-lighting tool. Vaughan relocated to the United States in 1984, having served as Marketing Director for Metal Box South Africa.

Genevieve Bonadonna, secretary

Genevieve is the Director of Consumer Market Research with Trusted Media Brands (formerly Reader's Digest). She has been an avid equestrian since her teens, and competed at the collegiate level in Hunter and equitation. Since 2006 she has studied dressage under Corey DeMala.  Her compassion for people and horses is a great asset to the board. 

Judith Levin, TREASURER

Judy is a criminal defense lawyer who has practiced in New York City, Washington, DC as well as in Orange County New York grew up in Yardley, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Stanford University and now practices law in Orange County. She is a long-time horse lover and rider and an avid tennis fan. She generously devotes much of her time to helping all types of animals including humans. They return her love.

Pamela van den Berg

During her career in sales and marketing, primarily for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines in New York City, Pamela was closely involved with horse transportation and event sponsorship. Prior to emigrating to the US, she worked for the Dutch World Radio and the BBC. She currently assists a nonprofit research organization headquartered in New York City that provides funds for environmental, social and corporate governance. Pamela was born in Amsterdam and has lived in locations throughout the world including London, Freetown and Toronto. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York. She still loves to travel and is an avid horse lover.

Penny Miller

Penny is an accomplished chef and former caterer. She developed her skills in New York City and elevated them while living in Rome, Italy. European influences are apparent in the property she renovated in Goshen, New York and at the gatherings she frequently hosts at this location. She has compiled an extensive collection of contemporary art. Penny grew up in Kansas where she became an accomplished horsewoman—she has maintained this passion throughout her life. She enjoys sharing her home with her extensive family and her network of friends and guests. In addition to horses, her dogs occupy an important place in her heart.