While combating cancer, Shelley Schacter, a horsewoman who boarded at Amity, worked with Licensed Therapist Corey DeMala, and discovered a path to inner peace. In addition to extensive professional qualifications, Corey is also an award-winning equine trainer.

Corey’s guidance, in combination with the steadfast love and energy Shelley received from her horse, Trace, helped her face the various phases of illness and her ultimate passing. Shelley was determined to share what she learned through equine-assisted therapy with others. She became convinced that unresolved trauma can be an impediment to the healing process.

Thanks to Shelley’s encouragement and initial financial support, Amity became a place where trauma survivors could seek help without concern about excessive cost. Corey Demala and Christine Swanson Dykshorn went on to create the Amity Foundation. Today’s program remains Shelley’s legacy--designed to assist each individual or group according to each individual’s ability to pay.

Amity was incorporated in 2015 as a 501 C 3 organization with a focus on assisting first responders as well as United States veterans challenged with emotional wounds such as PTSD.

Our services have recently expanded to include all people suffering from physical, emotional and sexual abuse, accidents, bullying and loss of people or pets.